Explore FAQs About Sound Idea Fabrication & Design

What can I expect when I order a project?

When you contact us for a project, we begin with some questions to determine your needs for design, timing, costs, etc. If appropriate, we schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your project, evaluate the job site and take preliminary measurements. We present you with a proposal and quote based on design needs, the extent of work involved, materials, and installation. Upon acceptance of our proposal and signed agreement, a 50% deposit must be received before any work can proceed. The balance is due upon completion of your project.

How long will it take to complete my project?

The time for completion will depend upon the size and scope of your project. Once we determine your needs for design, timing, location and installation, we provide you with a projected timeline. Timings are contingent however, upon your prompt responsiveness to requests for approval. This allows us to keep the project on schedule.

How close to Asheville do I have to live to hire you?

We are located in Woodfin (just north of Asheville). The distance that we will travel depends upon the type and scope of your project. If you would like something built and shipped, we can accommodate you in almost any location.

Do I need to meet building code requirements?

Different factors determine whether building code is required for your project. New construction for railings and pool enclosures for example, often require an inspection while replacement for existing structures may not. In any event, when an inspection is required, we guarantee our work will meet code requirements.

Do you provide a protective finish on the project?

Regardless of whether steel is installed indoors or outdoors, it will rust overtime. Therefore we strongly recommend some kind of protective finish. We are well versed in a large variety of metal finishes. Some of the most popular choices include powder coat, paint, lacquer, a wide variety of patinas, and metal dyes. All of these finishes and many others will help to prevent rust.

Generally our services include finishing. However, if you prefer to finish the project yourself, we are happy to assist you in the selection of a finish that will best meet your needs.

Do you provide on-site welding?

Some projects require on-site welding to accommodate the scope of the project while others do not. On-site welding may be needed for larger projects and others depending upon the design, materials and other factors. When welding on-site, we are especially attuned to personal and fire safety, and the protection of personal property.

What is CNC plasma cutting?

CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutting is a process for precision cutting of metals used for a wide variety of purposes. The machine can be used for example, to perfectly cut out a logo for commercial signage or to create an exact reproduction of many designs.

Because we have our own CNC plasma cutting machine in house, we offer this service without additional outsourcing costs. This makes the service quicker and less expensive for our clients.

Whether you need precision cut outs for integration into a project that we create, or for your own use, we can accommodate your needs. We also offer computer programming design services for a fee or can work from a cut file that you provide.

What is your payment policy?

We accept cash and checks. Acceptance of any project proposal or bid requires a 50% deposit of entire project cost before materials can be ordered and work can begin.  The remaining 50% is due upon clients’ satisfaction of completion of project.

What kind of guarantee do you have on your work?

We are only happy when our clients are happy. We guarantee all of our work for life against defects in craftsmanship. We will repair or replace any of our work that deteriorates without misuse or neglect. Our unconditional guarantee excludes problems that may arise from the client’s failure to properly maintain an exterior finish resulting in the breakdown of the metal structure.

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